Ballebazi Mega contest winners list | Ballebazi fantasy lakhpati list


1.Ballebazi Mega contest winners list 2021 ,2020,2019

List of people won by Ballebazi ( batting) app are as follows 

1.1 Bajrang Lal
Bajrang Lal Ji Ballebazi Mega contest winners
He is a resident of Rajasthan, he has won ₹ 1.5 lakh from Ballebazi fantasy apps, he believes that ballebazi is the best and fun apps, in which you can win money by playing, he played in the first match.

1.2 Rohit tripathi
Won : 1.2 Lakhs
State : Uttarpradesh

Ballebazi  fantasy lakhpati list 

1.3 Sumit Kumar Sinha
Won: ₹1Lakh
State : Bihar
1.4 Prateek Arora
Won:  ₹1.4Lakhs
State : Haryana

Today one of the best apps ballebazi apps will give you information about how you can play ballebazi apps in your mobile, batting apps which are India’s top apps, in which sports like esports, gaming, cricket, football, volleyball and so on from your mobile.  can play.  This apps have more than 6M+ active users, who daily spend their time in this apps, and play games.

2.What can I play in Ballebazi fantasy apps?(Ballebazi fantasy apps  में क्या – किया खेल सकते हैं ? )

2.1Through Ballebazi you can play fantasy cricket.  To play cricket, you have to open this app and go to the cricket section and add your favorite player to the ballebazi team selection list.

2.2Sports like Kabaddi are also organized in this app.( कब्बडी जैसे खेलों का आयोजन भी इस एप्प्स में होता हैं)
2.3 Baseball
2.4 Football
2.5 Basketball
2.6 BB Arcade

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