Top 10 comedy youtubers in india 2023 | Top10 comedy youtubers list 2023

Top 10 comedy youtubers in India 2023

  • Ashish chanchlani -Ashish chanchlani [3crore subscriber 
  • Carryminati – Ajey
  • Bb ki Vines – Bhuwan Bam 
  • Amit bhadana – Amit bhadana
  • Round 2 hell -Nasim Ahmed ,Wasim Ahmed , Zayn Saifi
  • Harsh beniwal -Harsh beniwal
  • Elvish yadav -Elvish yadav
  • The mridul – 
  • Real top team –
  • Baklol video –
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top 10 comedy youtubers in india 2023 full list ( channels  name, net worth , subscriber ,video etc.)

(1).Carryminati – 3.45 crore subscriber 177

(2.)Ashish chanchalani vines – 2.74 crore subscriber 

(3).Round2hell – 2.47 crore subscriber 

(4).Bb ki vines –  2.51 crore subscribers 

(5).Amit bhadana  –  2.37 crore subscribers

(6).Harsh beniwal  1.41 crore subscribers

(7).Make of joke – 1.12 crores subscribers

(8).Baklol video – 1.06 crores subscribers

(9).Elvish yadav –  84.1 Lakhs   subscribers

(10).The mridul – 1.09  crores subscribers

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1.Carryminati – 3.45 crore subscriber 173

 The owner of Caaryminati channel is named ajey nagar who upload very funny videos for youtube.  Caaryminati has around 30.45million subscribers on youtube channel till May 18, 2021, so far 177 videos on her channel have been put on YouTube. Carryminati is in the first position in India’s top ten youtuber.  He has a gaming channel which includes gaming videos such as Pubg which play the new name UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND, Minecraft, Free fire etc games in India version. His YouTube channel has Caaryminati comedians, gamers, rappers. His most popular videos on youtube are yalgaar,  Vardaan, the arts of bad words

 2. Ashish chanchalani vines – 2.74 crore  subscriber – They are second in the top ten list of India so far, about 2.74 crore people have joined their youtube channel.  About 146 videos in ACV YOUTUBE

 Have been uploaded.  After watching their videos, all kinds of your grief will be over and your face will smile in minutes.  Ashish chanchalani plays a lot of roles.  The most viewed videos are Tuition Class and Children.

3.Bb ki vines – 2.51 crore subscribers 

 The owner of BB KI VINES YOUTUBE Channel is named Bhuvan Bam.  Those who come at number three in the top ten list of India, all their videos are very funny fun.  Lets play a lot of characters alone.  The youtube channel called BB KI VINES was created on 20 January 2015, which is a comedy channel.  The name of the most popular video is titu mama. Bhuwan Bam has added 182 videos to youtube.  5.5 million views so far

4. Round2hell – 2.47 crore subscriber  

top 10 comedy youtubers list comes in 4rth position in 2021.

 Friends, the owner of the Round2hell channel, Day, together formed a channel called Round2hell.  The videos of this channel are very much liked by the people, the language of this channel is Haryani.  This channel was created on 20 October.  67 videos have been published in the Round2hell channel.  The most viewed video name is Alladin.  In which about 8.6 crores have been seen.

5. Amit bhadana – 2.37 crore subscribers 

 Everyone will know about youtubers amit Bhadana.  If you want to watch clean and clean videos, then you must watch Amit Bhadana’s video.  You will be able to watch in the video channel without abusing.  Amit Bhadana is the owner of the channel Amit Bhadana.  He created his channel on 24 october 2012.

 The name of the most viral video was parichay.

6. Harsh beniwal 1.41 crore subscribers 

 Harsh beniwal is in 6 positions in the list of top 10 comedy youtuber of India.  He has 1.41 crores subscribers on his channel.  155 videos have been published.  A channel named Harsh beniwal was produced on youtube on 06 may 2015.  His popular video name is “A day with cringe tiktoker”.

7. Make of joke – 1.12 crores 

 Make of joke youtube channel has become very popular.  A lot of people have joined this channel in a short time.  Funny animated cartoons will be seen in the channel.  It was created on 1 August 2017.  More than 40 videos have been uploaded to this channel so far.

8.Baklol video – 1.06  crores- Bakolol video has 1.06  crores subscribers. More than 237 videos have been put on this channel.  In this, you will get to see the related video from family comedy.  Created on 25 August 2016.

 9. The mridul – 1.09  crores 86 video – Mridul is the owner of this channel, pragati plays the lead role in this channel.

 There are 86 videos available in the Mridul channel, The mridul channel was created on 14 March 2015.  The video, called school life, has been viewed nearly 19 million times

10.Elvish yadav – 84.1 Lakhs 

top 10 comedy subscriber wala channel

 Elvish Yadav is one of the most popular youtuber, one of his videos YOUTUBE VS TIKTOK was very viral.  132 videos have been merged into the channel.  The channel has “School Life then vs now”, which has been watched 29 million times.

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